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Dear Woodworker,

Have you ever:

Wanted to build something, because you cannot find it “retail”?

Thought of making something custom for a specific need?

Struggled to find detailed plans to build your dream project?

These are the problems I faced years ago when I started woodworking

… and it is the same problems many of my students are still facing today.

Now if you’ve always dreamed of being able to build whatever you wanted…

Ted Mcgrath is a certified master woodworker, trainer, author and member of AWI…

He believes in the core principles of simple in woodworking – using detailed plans for maximum effectiveness for minimal effort.

He runs a woodworking technical class and has regularly publishes books and articles on woodworking.

Instead of spending days, months or years looking for something or spending a fortune hiring someone to do it for you…

And you crave the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands,

Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Here’s The Big Problem:

When I started looking online for plans and buying magazines, here’s why I discovered:

Most plans I found are complete garbage.

Here’s why:

Plans are not specific enough – They either lack a step or they lack descriptions or measurements.

Instructions that leave out vital information, assuming that you are experienced enough to “fill in the blanks”.

Assume you’re a master craftsman with access to expensive tools and a large workshop.

Directions that are too complex for beginners and “assume” you know a great deal about woodworking itself.

And in many cases, there is simply not enough detail!

One of projects I saw was for a modern wardrobe. And the details on how to put together is terrible.

You have to start guessing at where to attach carriage bolts, etc. Another was that the top back board is not straight as it has design to it which was not explained.

So I took paper template and drew out and traced on boards best I could for one of my students.

These so called “step by step” plans make woodworking harder than it actually is.

Because they:

Projects that don’t turn out like how the way you want it to be…

  • Don’t include cut sheets – so you have to ‘guesstimate’ materials

  • Make it look easier than they end up being – as they have missing steps or inaccurate measurements.

  • Include pictures don’t match what they’re telling you!

No wonder woodworking seem so hard!

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